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the pipe’s entire service life. The C Factor is 150 and the Manning’s flow coefficient is .009. reDUCeD InSTALLATIon CoST hDPE is lightweight, flexible, and comes in long lengths, allowing for easier and convenient installation. Because of its flexible nature, it

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When asseling HDPE fusion pipe you have to take into account thermal expansion and contraction. Advantages Pipe made from polyethylene is a cost-effective solution

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k is a unit conversion factor: k=1.318 for English units (feet and seconds). k=0.85 for SI units (meters and seconds) C=Hazen-Williams Coefficient. D=Pipe inside diameter

Appendix A: Friction Losses for Water Flow Through Pipe

pipe. For PVC pipe, the standard C value is 150. New steel pipe uses a C value of 140, but with use and corrosion a lower value is typically used. For HDPE pipe, a range of C values between 150 and 160 is typical. Tables A.1 and A.2 show friction loss data C


THE HAZEN-WILLIAMS FRICTION LOSS FORMULA P = 4.52Q1.85/C1.85d4.87 Where P= pressure loss in psi/foot length of pipe Q = flow in the pipe in gpm d = inside


applying the 0.5 Design Factor, the design working stress for 73oF is 800 psi. PE4710 Material Designation (prev. PE3408) Materials designated as PE4710 have a hydrostatic design basis of 1600 psi for water at 73 o F. After applying

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Hazen-Williams C factor of 150 and an n factor of 0.009, when using the Manning formula. Characteristics of HDPE pipe HDPE Material 04 The SABS 533 specifiion has been superceded in …

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choice in harsh chemical environments. HDPE pipe has a smooth ID and maintains its flow capability over time - Hazen Williams C Factor remains 150, even after years of use. HDPE Pipe is Flexible and Fatigue Resistant • HDPE pipe can be bent to a radius 25

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HDPE_design-considerations_v002 HDPE Design Considerations /22 Flow The nomogram and tables that follow on page 4 provide a guide to friction losses that can be expected when using clean HDPE pressure pipes with clean water at 20 C. No account has

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HDPE 301 "An Engineer’s View - In Depth" Detailed information on formulas, behavior, surge calculations, Manning coefficient, water hammer, C-factor + pipe comparisons. HDPE 304 "Pipe Bursting Municipal Water" One of the most common HDPE pipe install

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Values of Friction Factor C Values of Friction Factor C to be used with the Hazen-Williams Formula. TYPE OF PIPE AGE CONDITION/ SIZE C Vitrified Clay In Good Condition 110 Concrete Large Sizes, Good Workmanship, Steel Forms 140 Large Sizes, Good


4 Sclairpipe Since its development in 1955, large diameter HDPE pipe has been successfully used in many installations worldwide. In North America, Sclairpipe high density polyethylene pipe was first introduced in 1968. Since then it has been installed for river, lake

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standard corrugated pipe ADS single wall corrugated HDPE pipe is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, light weight, and low cost are important . It is available in 3" (75 mm) through 24" (600 mm) diameters . Single wall pipe is sold in coils through 8


DESIGN AND SELECTION OF PLASTIC PRESSURE PIPE TECHNICAL BULLETIN Technical Service Bulletin 2 The pressure profile in a pipe due to dynamic system


DESIGN COEFFICIENT TABLES Hazen-Williams Friction Factor (C) Pipe Material Values for C Range High/Low Average Value Typical Design Value Plastic, PVCpipe or

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Unfortunately the results depend upon the value of the friction factor C hw which must be used with the formula and this can vary from around 80 up to 130 and higher, pipe

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The C factor for HDPE butted fused pipe was found experimentally to be about 155. A conservative design value is 150. DI manufacturers publish an initial value of 140 for cement lined DI pipe. Many engineers assume that this value will be reduced over the life of a

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1/3/2006· I would agree that a factor of 140 may be appropriate for a new, CML pipe, properly installed. In fact, Hazen''s book recommends a value of 130 for new iron pipe. It documents cast iron pipes with coefficients as high as 147. It documents mortar lined pipes with

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inch, and eighty feet of 12 inch HOPE pipe was tested. Figures A through C illustrate a schematic drawing of the installation. The pipe was connected to the 48 inch supply line reduced to 18 inch steel pipe at the laboratory. Water was supplied by gravity flow

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Hazen-Williams C factor of 150 and an n factor of 0.009, when using the Manning formula. Characteristics of HDPE pipe HDPE Material 04 The SABS 533 specifiion has been superceded in …

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HDPE pipe has become the material of choice by engineers, contractors, and plant maintenance decision makers for a wide variety of industry appliions including utilities, manufacturing, energy, marine, mining, gas, oil, and agricultural. HDPE piping systems are

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The following are Typical C factors used in the Hazen-Williams equation, which take into account some increase in roughness as pipe ages are as follows: fluid flow Hazen-Williams Coefficients Table Fluids Flow Engineering | Hydraulic & Pneumatic Design

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Properties of HDPE pipe High density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) has several properties that make it very different from “traditional” water works pipe materials: • Coefficient of thermal expansion is over 10 times that of DI and steel and 3 times that of PVC. In prac


HDPE Decreases Safety Factor The HDPE industry has reduced the safety factor for its new PE4710 pipe products. The traditional safety factor of 2.0 has been reduced to 1.6 in HDPE ASTM and AWWA standards. A simple calculation proves the point:

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The light weight of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) pipe make it desirable because of the illustrated in Figure 1(c), simulating a fully saturated

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HDPE pipe has a smooth ID that does not corrode or tuberculate and maintains its flow capability over time. The C Factor of Ductile Iron pipe is dramatically reduced over time due to corrosion and/or tuberculation. Potable Water Appliions

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